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At aweeidea.com we are dedicated to embracing the creative, innovative, inventive and inspiring genius long displayed by the spirit of Scotland.

Scotland’s historical manufacturing prowess is world renowned. From shipyards to steel works Scotland’s skilled workforce is the stuff of folklore but even those talented engineers and craftsmen are arguably eclipsed by the creative genius of her innovators and inventors. Names such as Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone), John Logie Baird (Television) and Alexander Fleming (Penicillin) inspire generation after generation of ingenuity around the world.

The Scots capacity for creativity runs from Rabbie Burns to JK Rowling, from creating the game of golf to John Napiers algorithms to the flushing toilet the common factor is Scottish ingenuity.

At a wee idea .com we hope to follow in the footsteps of our Scottish predecessors and create an ideas factory of sorts. A place where sparks are ignited and the missing piece of the jigsaw is thrust into focus offering a creative launching pad for budding entrepreneurs and those with ideas for projects floating around in their subconscious.

At a wee idea .com we ask Can the domain name come first? We believe the answer is quite simply yes.

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